Organic growth of pain.
Watercolor and ink on acid free paper
12" × 9"

Art is just one form of expression for me. My life, my thoughts, emotions, observations and my body these all are my subjects. I am deeply inspired by nature and my part in it. Everything I absorb from this beautiful yet destructive universe is the inspiration behind my works. I prefer watercolor and ink. The fluidity of those materials resembles my thoughts and emotions which has no boundary and timeframe. They travel freely form one emotion to another. My works reflect the vicinity of my upbringing in East India and my present migratory life in the United States of America. The back and forth of two different continent and its culture and the time in-between plays a major role in my visuals. Gender identity, social stigma and cultural symbolism  often resides in my visuals. I am constantly trying to address the politics of human nature through my creativity. The process of my works are more manipulative than the end result.